BANANO now has a new Tipbot for both Telegram and Twitter

Apr 15, 2019 2 min read

You might know that our current Telegram Tipbot was made by bbedward quite recently. Since then it has helped a lot to introduce BANANO to many new users, and all our Telegram groups have grown significantly! Now, we have a new BANANO TipBot replacing the old one, and it also works on Twitter! Learn more below!

A new BANANO Tipbot for both Telegram and Twitter

The original Telegram BANANO Tipbot created by bbedward, @BANANOTipBot, will now retire and let his master focus on other projects. The creator of the NANO Tipbot, @mitche50, has now kindly created a new BANANO Tipbot for both Telegram and Twitter, which can be directly found at Telegram as @BananoTipperBot and at Twitter as @BANANOTipBot.

BANANO TipBot Website:

That means BANANO has now Tipbots on four platforms already!
Discord — Reddit — Telegram — Twitter

Important for current users at Telegram: The original @BANANOTipBot will be still available for withdrawals for some time, but it will now be removed from our groups and replaced by @BANANOTipperBot. Current balances already have been transferred automatically from @BANANOTipBot to @BANANOTipperBot. Please register with the new bot to access you funds.

Help getting started and an overview about all BANANO groups using the TipBot at Telegram:

Make sure to join relevant groups, we’re tipping active people in our groups all the time ;)

Using the BANANO Twitter TipBot

To get started with the Twitter TipBot, simply send a direct message to @BananoTipBot containing the command !register

Get help and more information with the command !help

Then, to tip anyone you need to use the following format:

@bananotipbot !tip amount @username

Link to Twitter TipBot:
More help getting started at Twitter:

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