Banano social media channel recap February 2019

Feb 3, 2019 3 min read

Many members of the Banano community actually might not know all social media channels. And there’s no ultimate need for everyone to know all of them or even be active there.

Still, it’s surely supportive for any cryptocurrency project to have active communites in all main social media channels to present the project and have multiple channels to attract and welcome potential new community members. And, most importantly, help especially their new members to get started.

And I guess we all should remember how complicated things can appear when getting started with crypto, and how good it feels to put all the puzzle pieces together and understand more of it.

Current status

Despite the ongoing bear market our communities are organically growing at a fine pace. Of note, some accounts like our medium channel have just started few weeks ago. So here’s a short overview about our current main channels with follower counts as of February 1st, 2019 vs January 1st, 2019 for comparison:

Medium (Feb: 44; Jan: 25)
Discord (Feb: 17488; Jan: 16326)
Reddit (Feb: 1394; Jan: 1248)
Twitter (Feb: 2482; Jan: 2275)
Instagram (Feb: 689; Jan: 600)
Facebook (Feb: 783; Jan: 559)
Telegram (Feb: 840; Jan: 742)
Youtube (Feb: 156; Jan: 153)

The Banano discord server is definitely the center and heart of the community, however many people also appear to prefer being active at reddit, twitter, instagram, telegram or facebook. Just be aware there are really lots of giveaways and games going on at the Banano discord almost all the time, sometimes also coupled with Banano rain. Tipbots are currently active at reddit and discord, and a new Banano tipbot will probably come soon to our Telegram groups!

New channels and groups

Coming back to our aim helping new $BANANO fans to get started: For example, we realised that several inofficial Spanish Facebook groups have formed recently, mainly driven by lots of upcoming questions regarding BANANO’s faucet games like the highly popular Meme Faucet. We took this as an occasion to also establish few more groups at Facebook and Telegram, and also back some existing semi-official groups and align branding and mod communication throughout.

So here are some new groups and channels you should check (with current followers on Feb 1 in brackets):

Official Steemit Account (7)

Telegram Official News Channel (English) (27)
Telegram Official Spanish group (1056)
Telegram Spanish Banano Exchange group (928)
Telegram Official Italian Group (5)
Telegram Banano Indonesian Group (24)

Facebook Official Group (English) (263)
Facebook Official Group (Spanish) (230)

Two other rather new related resources:

All-Time Banano Newsfeed starting at Day 1:
Banano Distribution Event Overview status page:

At this occasion also a yuge hug and thank you to all our moderators at all the $BANANO social media channels for doing an awesome job ❤

Any channel or language whatsoever missing? Speak up and comment below or contact @bantano#1919 at the Banano discord.

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