Enjoy Your Weekend with BANANO!

Mar 2, 2019 1 min read

You might have heard already that BANANO strives to have an ongoing free, fair and fun cryptocurrency distribution. Today we’ll have four (!) events starting, so plan your weekend accordingly!

Event 1: CarBANival — get creative!

To properly celebrate Carnival, it’s up to you here to get creative! This contest starts today and ends on Friday, March 8. Check all details here:

Event 2: The Faucet Game Monkey Match Starts Today, 500k BANANO for grabs!

If you don’t know all the different BANANO faucet games and the reasoning behind yet, check this previous summary. Now we’ll have another round of MonKey Match! How many can you get? All details here at reddit:

Event 3: 15k BANANO Giveaway at TriggerHaven TV!

TriggerHaven is the wizard and master entertainer of BANANO. Join his Twitch stream for some fun games and giveaways, all details here:

Event 4: 10k BANANO Giveaway at Dlive today!

Today’s livestream of our new community member Christine Look on the new streaming platform Dlive will include a 10k BANANO giveaway! All details here:

That’s it, enjoy your weekend, hopefully it’ll be bantastic ❤

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