Update: Get Free $BANANO through Faucet Games: Play ‘Black Monkey’ Round 10 and More!

Jun 19, 2019 4 min read

The ongoing free distribution of BANANO has started more than 14 months ago and always aims to be as fair as possible. If people would be successful in exploiting or abusing our faucets, distribution would become unfair and imbalanced, create whales and would ultimately harm the project. In recent months we’ve found more and more ways to distribute BANANO through permanently running faucets that facilitate such fair distribution, while some faucets like our Meme Faucet and ‘Black Monkey’ are run intermittently in modified ways, again to avoid exploits.

Some of the BANANO faucets are even Faucet Games which make BANANO cryptocurrency distribution even more fun! This week is a great one in particular since we have have our Meme Faucet (already round 16!) still running while the 10th round of our popular faucet game ‘Black Monkey’ is just about to start!

What the Fork is BANANO?

For those of you who don’t know BANANO yet: BANANO is a cryptocurrency (forked from NANO in April 2018) powered by DAG technology — here to distrupt the meme economy. Yes, BANANO has memes! And also feeless and near-instant transactions, a highly active community, and active technical development! The BANANO community doesn’t take themselves too seriously, but we’re here for the long run and we enjoy what we do.

See current BANANO price and market data at Coingecko. All current trading pairs and exchanges here.

On top of this, BANANO is super easy to use and puts an emphasis on free and fair distribution and crypto education. Just try our slick mobile wallet called Kalium and get your first free $BANANO from one of our faucets within minutes!

Kalium — BANANO’s mobile wallet (download)

Permanently Running BANANO Faucets — A Brief Overview

We meanwhile have those four constantly running faucets:

An instant & self-sustaining faucet, combined with messaging.

Earn BANANO by contributing CPU/GPU power to medical research via the folding@home project.

BANANO Powerplant
Browser-based altcoin mining that pays rewards in BANANO.

Crane Faucet
Play captchas or ‘catch the monkey’ to get free BANANO. A variety of captchas that suits every player.

Check out MonkeyTalks!

The BANANO Meme Faucet — Round 16 is still Up and Running!

As announced before, the BANANO Meme Faucet Round 16 is still up (at least until tomorrow), so you can try this until Black Monkey starts tomorrow (June 20, see below). Here, you describe images/memes and earn BANANO for each description! Don’t spam it, otherwise your account will be frozen!

All details here: https://memefaucet.banano.cc

How-to-play: http://memefaucet.banano.how

Check the BANANO Meme Faucet!

Black Monkey — Round 10 — starting on June 20!

One of our more popular faucets — a Faucet Game — is Black Monkey! Here’s all you need to know:

MonKeys are visual account representatives in BANANO. Each monKey is unique and will represent your account. So it’s good to get trained in recognizing also tiny differences. In Black Monkey, you’ll need to find the one monKey that doesn’t fit to the others.

You’ll find a detailed “how to play” here (also available in other languages): https://blackmonkey.banano.cc/manual-en.html

This round of Black Monkey will start on June 20, at 13:00 UTC (convert to your local time here).
This round will run for 24 hours only (till 1PM UTC of June 21).
Start with an account from any of last 3 rounds to continue with your level, use any other account to start from 1st level.
Payments will be automatic ~24 hours after the game has ended.
Change regarding scoring: “rotated” images now cost 5 (not 10), but will appear more frequent than in last round.
Scoring: 1 score = 1BAN (Score will start from 0 for everyone)

Game link: https://blackmonkey.banano.cc/
Manual: https://blackmonkey.banano.cc/manual-en.html (different languages available)

For users on mobile/Android: enable “desktop mode” in Chrome to see correct images

Game already over? Coming to late?

If the current rounds of Black Monkey and our Meme Faucet are already over when you read this article, just head over to this Publish0x article, our Official Website or banano.how to get an overview about other options to get free BANANO via faucet games and more. We have giveaways, airdrops and faucets running all the time, since BANANO has a free and fair ongoing distrubution. And lots of fun. And memes! You better have a look yourselves ;) Join some of our channels, we really like to tip others, and this is easiest at Reddit, Discord, Twitter and Telegram. But we have giveaways in all channels from time to time ;)

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