BANANO Monthly Update #19 (January 2020)

Jan 19, 2020 9 min read

Another month (and year!) is over and the time’s more than ripe to finally have another proper monthly update from the BANANO ecosystem!

Quick note ahead: The idea of those monthly updates is to keep our community informed, provide a good starting point for new people looking at the project, and to be transparent. We’ll aim to have those monthly updates restructured and improved, and also to have them more timely at the beginning of each month. Sometimes it’s just other things having a higher priority, as you might have seen we had quite some news in January already. If you have ideas, feedback or suggestions in this context, please leave them as comment below! Thanks!

So here it finally is, the BANANO Monthly Update January 2020, summarizing all important happenings in the BANANO ecosphere in December 2019, which was month 19 since the BANANO main-net launch.


Several community members teamed up for this awesome and quite comprehensive XMAS event with lots of creative, innovative, fun and educational daily events in December. 500k BANANO were distributed in puzzles, giveaways, surprise faucet rounds, during karaoke or community award events, and much more! It’s been a YUGE success ❤

Full announcement | Direct Link


Banano Bites Episode 5: Trading BANANO

Our educational video seriesBANANO Biteshas seen a bantastic new episode explaining How to Trade BANANO! Especially if you are new to crypto (trading) check out the video below! Make sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel to not miss future episodes!

Full announcement | Direct Link | All BANANO Exchanges


Pippin — A High Performance Developer Wallet for Banano and Nano

Imagine you want to integrate BANANO — the fee-less, instant, rich in potassium cryptocurrency — into your application, or Nano — BANANO’s bigger brother. Whether it’s an exchange, casino, faucet, game, store, or vending machine — Pippin is the newly released developer wallet making things much easier for you!

Full announcement


‘Without the Headache’: BANANO Article Featured as Hackernoon Top Story

Our long-term community member iazid came up with a compelling, comprehensive story about BANANO that got featured as Top Story at Hackernoon, a highly popular tech news site. Make sure you check it out if you haven’t yet, it’s a must-read!

Full announcement | Direct Link


Airdrop: Get Your Share of 1 Million BANANO in the ATAIX exchange community voting!

BANANO is rocking another community voting, this time at ATAIX Exchange. Yes, we’re on first place at the moment, with more than 19000 votes! The BANANO team is giving away 1 MILLION BANANO, and the voting is still up, meaning everyone can get their fair share! Just vote daily for BANANO to be listed at AITAX Exchange, and once BANANO is listed there everyone who voted will share the total airdrop pool of 1 Million BANANO equally, based on the number of total votes!

Full announcement | Direct Voting Link


Even more BANANO News from December 2019

Black Monkey Round 22
2019 BANACADEMY Awards
Alpha Release of CAMO Banano Light Wallet
Black Monkey Round 21
BANANO Advent Calendar Half-Time Update
Black Monkey Round 20

All-time BANANO News list at

What the Fork is BANANO?

For those of you who don’t know BANANO yet: BANANO is a cryptocurrency (like Bitcoin or Ethereum, just a much newer generation). BANANO was forked from the cryptocurrency Nano in April 2018 and thus is powered by DAG technology — here to distrupt the meme economy. Yes, BANANO has memes! And also feeless and near-instant transactions, a highly active community, and active technical development! The BANANO community doesn’t take themselves too seriously, but we’re here for the long run and we enjoy what we do.

On top of this, BANANO is super easy to use. Just try our slick mobile wallet called Kalium and get your first free $BANANO from one of our faucets within minutes! Also, BANANO has a free ongoing distribution through innovative faucet games. You can find more details on our official website:, and you’ll find help getting started at

BANANO is already traded on several exchanges. You’ll find current information collated at Coingecko and an overview about all current exchanges here.

BANANO on January 1st, 2020:
Price: $0.000465 | 6 satoshi (Dec: $0.000578 | 8 sats)
Market Cap: $439,269 (Dec: $533,053)
Rank: #835 (Nov: 822)
Source: Coingecko
BANANO Exchanges


Data from January 1st, 2020:
Circulating Supply: 947,393,761.69
Burned Total: 312,392,449.94
Total Supply: 3,090,431,219.25
You can always check supply and burn details through our supply API.

BANANO Faucet and Distribution Overview

We still have several faucets running permanently since quite a while, quick overview here:

An instant & self-sustaining faucet, combined with messaging

Earn BANANO by contributing CPU/GPU power to medical research via Folding@Home

BANANO Powerplant
Browser-based altcoin mining that pays rewards in BANANO

Also, Banano BoomPow basically is yet another constantly running faucet that was added recently.

New faucets and modifications will follow soon, and adjustments might always be made to ensure that BANANO’s free distribution stays fair, and also doesn’t make our community members too dependent on BANANO earnings.

Within December 2019, we’ve freely distributed a total of ~27 Million BANANO (November: 37 Million; October: 16 Million; September: 16M; August: 60M; July: 47M; June: 48M; May: 35M). Just to name the major events, this has happened through faucet payouts (Black Monkey, Bananominer, Powerplant, Monkeytalks, BoomPow), tipping allowances and celery (rewards) to all core team members, major contributors and moderators.

BANANO Tipbots as we use them at Discord, Reddit, Telegram and Twitter are instrumental for showing newly joining members how easy-to-use and fast BANANO truly is, and to actually have everyone use BANANO for what it’s made for — tipping others!

Note: Our Twitter Tipbot account unfortunately was suspended recently, it’ll return shortly as @bantipbot.

Example Twitter/Telegram Tipbot: In total, since the Tipbot was started in Mid April 2019 until January 1, 2020, more than 25 Million BANANO with a total value of $12000 were tipped in more than 186,000 transactions, only at Twitter and Telegram!

BANANO Social Media Recap

Community activity on all platforms is key for BANANO growth and ripening! To keep track of this, here’s the monthly overview about our main social media/news channels with follower counts as of January 1st, 2020 compared to counts from December and January 2019 (as far as available, some accounts started more recently):

Discord: 9444 (Dec: 8818; Jan 2019: 16326)
Twitter: 6634 (Dec: 6745; Jan 2019: 2275)
Reddit: 3632 (Dec: 3603; Jan 2019: 1248)
Telegram (main group): 6499 (Dec: 6618; Jan 2019: 742)
Telegram (news channel): 2009 (Dec: 2019; Jan 2019: 27)
Facebook: 2092 (Dec: 2055; Jan 2019: 559)
Instagram: 1396 (Dec: 1399; Jan 2019: 600)
Blockfolio: 1106 (Dec: 1086; Aug: 957)
Medium: 409 (Dec: 406; Jan 2019: 25)
Youtube: 433 (Dec: 422; Jan 2019: 153)
Coingecko: 492 (Dec: 472; June: 240)
Cheddur: 175 (Dec: 171; May: 141)
Steemit: 25 (Dec: 26; Jan 2019: 7)
Publish0x: 672 (Dec: 583; July: 176)
QQ: 583 (Dec: 594; June: 641)
new QQ: 1145 (Dec: 655; June: 294)
Wechat: 316 (Dec: 321; June: 232)
new Wechat (QR): 241 (Dec: 253)
Weibo (QR): 92 (Dec: 74; June: 42)
Uptrennd: 1451 (Dec: 1337; Sep: 268)
Minds: 37 (Dec: 39; Sep: 25)
LBRY: 145 (new)

Bananojobs: 845 (Dec: 828; Sep: 681)
Banano Royale: 1721 (Dec: 1636)

BANANO Telegram Recap

Telegram is easy to use and overall pretty popular, and thus the perfect place to easily help new community members getting started with BANANO, in their language. That’s why we are opening more and more channels in all major languages, and our Telegram Tipbot enables us to send all new members some BANANO right away through a near-instant, feeless on-chain transaction, seeing is believing!

You’ll find a Telegram Tipbot How-To and all group links always here:

Here are current follower counts of all official BANANO Telegram Groups for January 1st, 2019 compared to counts from December and January 2019 (as far as available). Of note, we have cleaned up some groups and removed ‘deleted users’, which is the reason for declining numbers in some cases.

Telegram news channel: 2009 (Dec: 2019; Jan 2019: 27)

English: 6499 (Dec: 6618; Jan 2019: 742)
Spanish: 2654 (Dec: 2631; Feb: 1056)
Vietnamese: 559 (Dec: 566; Mar: 25)
Turkish: 528 (Dec: 505; Apr: 141)
Portuguese: 419 (Dec: 426; Mar: 28)
Indonesian: 681 (Dec: 599; Feb: 24)
Russian: 244 (Dec: 248; Mar: 66)
Filipino: 180 (Dec: 190; Apr: 14)
Italian: 279 (Dec: 248; Feb: 5)
Romanian: 153 (Dec: 149; Apr: 32)
Chinese: 171 (Dec: 155; Mar: 20)
Polish: 175 (Dec: 172; Mar: 5)
India: 75 (Dec: 89; June: 39)
French: 65 (Dec: 61; Mar: 8)
German: 76 (Dec: 72; Mar: 16)
Greek: 96 (Dec: 79; June: 3)
Croatian: 141 (Dec: 61; June: 4)
Korean: 36 (Dec: 36; Mar: 20)
Japanese: 31 (Dec: 29; Mar: 4)
Arabic: 29 (Dec: 26; June: 3)
Dutch: 34 (Dec: 31; June: 3)
Hungarian: 91 (Dec: 32; June: 17)
Latvian: 16 (Dec: 12; June: 10)
Hebrew: 18 (Dec: 15; June: 4)
Persian: 16 (Dec: 16; Sep: 19)

Other official groups:
BANANO Game Room: 828 (Dec: 844; June: 762)

If you want to use the BANANO TipBot in your Telegram group, just add it to the group, make it admin, and start using it (how-to).

Generally, make sure you join suitable groups, help others, and spread the word about BANANO!
Any group missing? Interested in helping out as moderator? Send a message to @bantano#1919 at our Discord or comment below!

BANANO Facebook Recap

BANANO is also expanding its community at Facebook, here’s an overview of our current groups:

Facebook page: 2092 (Dec: 2055; Jan 2019: 559)
English: 748 (Dec: 709; Feb: 263)
Spanish: 2754 (Dec: 2717; Feb: 230)
Vietnamese: 525 (Dec: 525; Mar: 15)
Portuguese: 88 (Dec: 89; Mar: 34)
Indonesian: 43 (Dec: 42; Mar: 20)
German: 15 (Dec: 15; Mar: 8)
Romania: 21 (Dec: 21; July: 17)

BANANO Outlook

As you can see, the core team and all the BANANO community supporters are constantly working on different new projects adding up to the BANANO ecosphere. We’ll continue developing new things and improving all the stuff we already have up and running. There always will be new things such as innovative airdrops, new faucets and faucetgames, and we’d love if even Banano Runner would have a comeback some day. At the moment we’re working on getting Camo BANANO, BANANO’s privacy layer, to the next level, and getting a new faucet game up and running. In any case we can assure you we’re working hard on those and also new exchange listings, and will get everything done one after each other. We’re all here for the long-term!

Stay tuned, and whenever you have an idea and/or ability to contribute to the BANANO ecosphere whatsoever feel free to contact us!

How can YOU help?

BANANO is merely what its community makes out of it ❤

If you want to help spreading the word and increasing our community, join our channels and suitable groups, follow our accounts, like and share/retweet our posts, and help others getting started!

At this occasion: A huge hug and thank you to all our supporters, contributors, moderators, giveaway creators, BANANO tippers, and meme creators at all the different $BANANO social media channels for doing a really really awesome job ❤ Keep it up!

Any group/language missing? Interested in helping out as moderator at Telegram or Facebook? Any idea to develop or contribute to the BANANO ecosphere otherwise? Contact @bantano#1919 at our Discord, or leave a comment below for questions or suggestions.

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