NFT Airdrop for wBAN — 6 Month Anniversary

Dec 5, 2021 2 min read

Two different airdrops have been done for wBAN.
You have 2 weeks to claim them, before they expire!

Airdrop for wBAN bridge users

Users who linked their BAN wallet with their associated BSC/Polygon wallet have been airdropped this NFT (snapshot taken on Dec 5 at 18:06 UTC):

NFT airdropped to all wBAN bridge users — Designer: Ryūjin

If the user only registered with 1 bridge, he has been airdropped a quantity of 1 for this NFT. If he registered in both bridges, he has been airdropped 2 for this NFT.

Details of the airdrop:

  • 2332 users registered in a single bridge, who will get 1 NFT
  • 480 users registered in both bridges, who will get 2 NFTs

Airdrop for wBAN NFT holders

Users who currently own a NFT have been airdropped this NFT (snapshot taken on Dec 5 at 18:18 UTC):

NFT airdropped to current wBAN NFT holders — Designer: Phantoad

The quantity received for this NFT depends on the specific NFTs owned by the user:

  • 10 if he owns a golden whale
  • 5 if he owns a golden shark
  • 2 if he owns a golden shrimp
  • 1 otherwise

Details of the airdrop: 602 users have been airdropped 634 NFTs.

Where to find, claim & trade these NFTS?

To easily find all your current NFT and to claim the ones you’ve been airdropped, you can go to this wBAN page:

If you have the yellow box with the “Grab Them” button, you are eligible for some of these airdrops

You can trade all the NFTs in OpenSea:

If you own a NFT you can decide to sell it and make a listing with a price of your choosing.

If you are interested in a NFT, you can make offers to those having it or buy from available listings. If you don’t have ETH on Polygon, you can wrap some BAN and swap them through SushiSwap.


On top of the previous details for each airdrop, both designers (Ryūjin & Phantoad) have been airdropped one NFT for each design. Ten more of each NFT have been minted for distribution through later events.

Total supply for both NFTs will depend on how many NFT are claimed within the next 2 weeks and won’t be bigger than:

  • Airdrop for bridge users: 2332 + 480*2 + (2 designers) + (10 for future events) = 3304
  • Airdrop for current NFT holders: 634 + (2 designers) + (10 for future events) = 646

No new mints will be done for these NFTs.
Don’t forget to claim your airdrop within the next two weeks!

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